Appellate Litigation

Appellate Litigation

Though the appeal is one of the most important stages of litigation, it is often treated by other firms as an afterthought.

Denenberg Tuffley takes a different approach. We understand that it is on appeal that a trial court victory can be preserved or an adverse decision reversed (thereby providing a second chance for success in the trial court). We also understand that by establishing or reinterpreting rules of law, an appellate court decision can affect other cases for years to come.

Our appellate-practice attorneys have worked for state or federal appellate courts, giving them “an inside view” into how the appellate process works. This experience has yielded a rate of success on appeal that far exceeds the national average.

To achieve this success, we provide our clients with several key services…

  • We represent them in state and federal courts across the country. This includes filing the appeal, preparing the brief, and appearing at oral argument.
  • We often handle appeals for cases that we did not represent at trial court. Through a review of the lower court record and other relevant file materials, and by consulting with the attorneys who represented the client at trial, our attorneys will learn all that is needed to present the strongest arguments on a client’s behalf.
  • And even if Denenberg Tuffley does not actually handle the appeal, we will consult with clients and their attorneys. Our attorneys can provide a "fresh look," offering opinions on whether an appeal is practical, which arguments have the greatest chance of success, and what the overall chances are for victory on appeal.


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