Charles R. Tuffley

Charles R. Tuffley

Charles R. Tuffley
Partner - Michigan Office
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“After many years of practice, I can’t say that I have a ‘favorite’ case. On the other hand, there are not many cases that I did not enjoy handling.”


Charles Tuffley has been practicing law since 1965 and specializes in the handling and litigation of complex subrogation and first-party property coverage cases (including arson and fraud). His clientele is nationwide: he has practiced in Arizona, Nebraska, Florida, Indiana, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, California, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Ohio, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, and Missouri.

Mr. Tuffley’s property coverage cases include several multi-million dollar claims arising out of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. These cases have involved all aspects of coverage as well as complicated technical issues such as structural failure and failures of refinery equipment, electricity-generating equipment, and furnaces. Subrogation has included numerous multi-million dollar cases including high-rise fires, broadcast tower collapses, refinery and chemical fires and explosions, complex equipment and process failures, building structural failures, and even the loss of a satellite.

 “The practice of law is a demanding profession with lots of stress…so I most enjoy walking and cycling in the early morning on a lake trail near my home. The physical exercise, along with the quietness and solitude, serves to set me up for the day ahead..”

Education: Michigan State University (B.A., 1960); Wayne State University (LL.B., 1964).

Admitted: 1965, Michigan and U.S. District Court, Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan; United States Court of Appeals; United States District Court - Indiana.

Bar Association Membership: State Bar of Michigan.

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